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About Karen Keavy

Karen Keavy is an educator, counsellor, author and child advocate.  Her career in education began twenty years ago and was spent largely in the Catholic and public education systems in South Australia.  Junior Primary/Primary trained, Karen is passionate about the wellbeing, safety and protection of children.  

In addition to her education background, Karen is a qualified counsellor and is skilled in a number of therapies including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Positive Psychology and Person Centred approach.  Her private practice caters to children and adults experiencing a range of social, emotional and learning challenges.

In more recent years, and as a result of counselling children experiencing the adverse effects of complex trauma arising from childhood abuse and neglect, she has become an advocate for the delivery of Protective Behaviours, Consent and Sex Education within educational settings.  As a result, she has written her own program, Empowered Me!, a strength-based approach to Protective Behaviours Education based on empowerment and body awareness.  

Karen regularly holds online and in-person programs for educators and parents to help them teach children about body safety and empowerment.

Karen lives in Adelaide, South Australia.

Get your copy of "Angel"

Karen’s first book, “Angel”, is a children’s picture book about a young girl’s experience of intra-familial sexual abuse.  The book was launched in June 2019 by the Attorney General of South Australia, the Hon Vickie Chapman MP.

Whilst Angel has been written for children, the book is equally helpful to adult survivors of child sexual abuse and intra-familial sexual abuse. 

For further information regarding “Angel”, book sales and helpful information regarding about how to educate your child about sexual abuse, please go to Angel’s Facebook page.

Presentations & workshops

Karen is available for speaking engagements, group work and Professional Development sessions for educators.  

Her Empowered Me! wellbeing program for Primary school students is currently available to educators as a Professional Development session or alternatively, Karen can deliver the program in classrooms.  

Empowered Me! aligns with The Australian Curriculum, EYLF and in South Australia, the KS:CPC and provides educators with an easy to follow plan that links other learning area including English, Mathematics, Health & Physical Education and wellbeing.


What would it be like to live your best life? 

For many who have experienced adverse childhood experiences including various forms of abuse and neglect, living their best life can be challenging.    

This is where Karen can help.  She can provide you with the tools to help gain control back of your life and move forward with ease and confidence.

Karen is a skilled practitioner in a number of therapies including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Art Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Positive Psychology principles and mindfulness and meditation practices. 

Karen's reviews

Karen Keavy


Hypervigilance in children who have experienced sexual abuse is common. For the child, this means constantly being “on” and constantly being alert to signs of

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